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We offer Modular UPS systems ranging from 10-200kVA. Our UPSs are manufactured and directly imported from China. Listed below are our product range and their features. For detailed specifications of any particular model, please contact our office.



RM series Modular UPS System 10 - 200kVA (10/15/20kVA power module)

RM series is modular and Online double conversion UPS for sensitive equipments. The power rating covers from 10kVA to 200kVA which delivers the best combination of reliability, functionality, hot-swappable and flexibility at a competitive price.



  • Modular design, hot swappable
  • Strong load adaptability for linear and nonlinear load
  • Intelligent module and system protection design
  • Incredible low noise system design
  • Double DSP controller for individual power module
  • Digital control for the whole parts including rectifier, inverter, charger and discharger
  • IGBT modules rather than discrete components are applied in the power module
  • Inbuilt power distribution for input and output connection
  • Large touch screen LCD with plenty of information
  • Independent charger for batteries, intelligent battery management system
  • Digital paralleling technology, very low circle current between modules
  • Totally front access, top and bottom cable connection
  • Each individual module is configured with independent controller, avoid single point failure risk





HT33 serial Online three phase UPS offers advanced technology which increases performance and reliability three high speed DSPs with completed digital control which fully ensures high quality of power supply. High input power factor makes UPS highly efficient and a green energy saving product. It also offers ergonomic design: full front access of serviceability, user-friendly interface.


Applications include ISP (Internet Service Provider), IDC (Internet Data Center), computing center, bank, server center, precise equipment, etc.



  • Three phase in and out system, compatible with utility of 380/400/415V, 50/60Hz
  • Online double conversion, offering load with best power quality
  • Support all kinds of load, high overload capability
  • Fully digital control with three DSPs including IGBT rectifier, inverter, charger
  • Digital circulating current control technology, increasing the parallel reliability
  • Wide input voltage window, compatible with different utilities
  • Green power technology, high input power factor, low current THD, high efficiency
  • Intelligent battery management, extending battery lifetime
  • Intelligent self-diagnose function, all kinds of fault protection, large capability of history recording storage
  • Full front maintenance, saving space
  • Redundant design of power model fans, increasing the system reliability
  • Modularized design of subsystem, convenient field maintenance
  • High MTBF(mean time before failure)(>200,000h), low MTTR(mean time to repair)(<0.5h)
  • Large LCD display, friendly human machine interface
  • Configured with top and bottom cable connection
  • Parallel up to 6 units


  • Main back feed protection
  • Bypass back feed protection
  • Battery leakage protection
  • Battery start kit
  • Output isolation transformer and lightning protection kit




HT11/31 series High frequency online UPS 1 - 20KVA

HT series Tower is a combination of the latest R&D results. It can be applied to IT load equipment of small and middle business users.



  • Wide input voltage range
  • Cold start
  • Advanced battery management
  • Automatic battery charging on off mode
  • Lightning and surge protection
  • Fan speed adjustment automatically
  • Complete protection function.
  • Network/fax/modern surge protection
  • LCD/LED display option
  • EMI/RFI noise filter
  • Smart RS232 port with monitoring software
  • PFC technology




HR series Rack mount UPS 1 - 6kVA

HR series Rack mounted UPS is a combination of the latest R&D results. It can be applied to IT load equipment of small and middle business users.



  • 19 inch rack mounted design
  • Online double conversion technology
  • IGBT PFC technology
  • Wide input range
  • Zero transfer time
  • Compete protection function
  • Advanced battery management
  • Cold start
  • Compete protection function
  • Fan speed adjustment automatically
  • Optional external battery bank
  • MI/RFI noise filter
  • Shutdown and restart schedule




BU series offline UPS 400 - 1200VA

Applications include Home PC, SOHO, small scale exchange, supermarket POS machines, workstations and peripheral devices Microprocessor-based digital control.



  • Advanced wide AVR perform
  • Boost and buck voltage
  • Spike, surge ,RFI noise protected
  • Advanced PWM mosfet technology
  • Advanced power failure detection
  • Advanced shutdown for overload and low battery
  • Ups Auto on when AC back



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